Nacho Alonso


Following my almost 20 years of managing COMERCIAL UDRA, a fashion, shoewear and sports brand distributor in Spain and Portugal, where I was very happy, I decided to do an about turn and focus on projects that were closer to my heart, and projects that I could apply my experience and knowledge learnt, but on a more personal basis.

Like most things in life, Moonwater came into my life unexpectedly. It was merely an idea, a dream… but I fell in love right from the start and without thinking twice, I threw myself into the project full tilt, to ensure that the dream turned into reality. After bucket loads of hard work and effort, on the full moon of 5 October 2017, we launched Moonwater to the market.

Be Spæcial 😉

Toni Aparisi

Marketing Manager

When I was 25 years old, I started out on an experience that would change my life, I moved to Shanghai (China), where I spent the following decade. After several years of working in international commerce, I did an about turn in my career and started a business in the hospitality sector, including various businesses in the Cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.

Shortly after returning to Spain, I ran into a start-up project known as Moonwater. The entrepreneur in me and my immediate bond with the rest of the team, meant I didn't hesitate to join the project and head for the moon.

The moon made me do it 😉

Felipe Serradell

Financial Controller

More than 15 years working in private companies as a Director and Financial Auditor, as well as in financial advisory companies.

Burnt out from the monotonous daily grind, I chose to make a radical change and thanks to MW I took the plunge into the wonderful world of start-ups. When you're working at a start-up, things are so busy I don't have time to get bored... I was hooked on the product and the idea right from the very start.

We choose to go to the Moon 😉

Oscar Mariné

Product Designer

National Design Award 2010.

Designer, illustrator, typographer and artist, Oscar Mariné is a natural born communicator. Mariné has worked on dozens of national and international projects, covering a wide range of industries including editorial design, corporate branding, cinema and music. In the world of corporate communications, he has worked on projects for brands such as Camper, Swatch, Loewe, Vega Sicilia, all of which form part of the "made in Spain" movement. In addition to this, he has also worked on international projects including the Absolut Vodka US campaign "Absolute Marine", the logo design for Sir Norman Foster's architecture firm, Foster + Partners, where his proposal resonated with the London swinging sixties movement.

In the El Greco 1900 exhibition (Mexico City and Brussels), Mariné proposed a global vision, marrying museology, architecture, lighting, graphics and cataloguing, introducing state-of-the-art lighting effects and an eye-catching installation. En el año 2010 Mariné ha sido galardonado con el Premio Nacional de Diseño organizado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, en reconocimiento a su larga trayectoria.

Julia Altuzarra


After working in the health drinks sector for a number of years and after living in multiple countries, where I was able to analyse trends and try weird and wonderful new products, Moonwater was the challenge I had been looking for and I fell in love with it right from the start.

As a Nutritionist, Food Technologist and a lover of all things galactic, the project was a perfect fit for the way I think and am. Its intrinsic characteristics make it the perfect product. It's ambitious in terms of its complexity, fascinating and inspiring on a personal level and a product I really identify with.

Be Moonwater my friend! 😉