Our cans form part of a closed-loop recycling process, set around the circular economy. We will continue to work towards achieving zero waste containers.
Compared to a can made of primary aluminium, a recycled can saves 95% energy, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.
The energy obtained from a recycled aluminium can is equivalent to powering a TV for 3 hours and a lamp for 4 hours.
On top of that, cans are completely air tight and don’t let light in. This ensures that the drink’s flavour lasts for longer and means the temperature of the drink can easily be regulated.


At Moonwater, we work to ensure that our containers and packaging are ever more sustainable.

We’ve got off to a good start, given that innovations in aluminium can manufacturing have meant that they are now 100% recyclable, with millions being recycled every year and more and more used ad infinitum. 72% of all aluminium produced in the world continues to be in use.



Moonwater wants to make a positive local impact. In Asturias we work locally, because we like being close to the people and the land, as well as giving our all to those we work and share our lives with.

The Water

It couldn’t be any other way…water…our key ingredient. At Moonwater, we want to bring water into people’s lives and give back everything it offers us, we are selecting partnership and environmental projects that we can team up with and want to form part of the Moonwater family. Making water the driver of positive change, together.

The environment

For us, it’s important to understand and share that we all live in a world of finite resources and for us all to acknowledge our collective responsibility. We need to adopt better habits that help us to reverse this situation as soon as possible. We want to take our time to prepare a sound plan, that we can share with all of our Moonwater friends, a strategy that we identify with, so that we can add our little drop of water, to make an ocean of change.

Value chain

Working in a sustainable value chain is the challenge we set ourselves and we aim to work at this with both respect and hard work. We aim to achieve a 100% sustainable and responsible value chain in everything we work on. We want to create stable and long-term relationships with our suppliers, to provide us with the space to do all of this together, as one.