On 5 October 2017 Moonwater landed on earth with the goal of revolutionising the soft drink industry. Our first mission, to return to the Moon, to achieve this – by putting one can on top of the other – we need to collect 2,650 million cans. How will we do this? By ensuring that the consumer falls in love with the Best Soft Drink on the Planet, as well as being Healthy, Sustainable and Socially Concerned.

We aim to help make the way in which we drink more NATURAL, and by that we mean two things: on the one hand because all of the ingredients we use in our drinks are 100% natural, and on the other because we don’t want to force that change on people, we want it to be a natural process.

We want this to be our contribution to improving the quality of life on Earth.

If we manage to achieve our first mission, we will be closer to accomplishing our objective, aiming to improve the quality of life on our planet. We can’t do it on our own, Will you join us?