Our Story

I’ve always been a restless, curious soul, a seeker of new challenges and adventures. For many years I stood at the helm of a business group, but I could sense a longing for a new, more meaningful direction – a more personal project where I could live up to the values passed on to me by life, friends and, above all, family, and inspire others to do the same.

As I chased after my dream, the opportunity to create a new kind of soft drink, a longstanding ambition of mine, came and tapped me on the shoulder. That’s how Moonwater began. I fell in love with the name as soon as it came to me, and I set to work before I could change my mind. To begin with, we weren’t sure where we were heading; there were clashing opinions within the team and we all had very different ideas of what Moonwater should be. Eventually, we decided that I would be the one to take the vision and mission forward.

As a compulsive consumer of traditional soft drinks, I was tired of searching in vain for a healthy, innovative alternative. Now, we were right on the threshold of an exciting possibility: creating “the world’s best-tasting healthy and natural soft drink.”

It’s not all about business. Moonwater was born of a desire to make a positive difference, aspiring to a better quality of life for our planet and all who live on it. We couldn’t be happier with all we’ve achieved so far. We each put our heart and soul into this incredible team, bound together by common values and a shared sense of commitment. If we are to fulfil our goal, we know that we need more than a game-changing product: we need to be able to go the distance, push ourselves to the limit and never, ever give up.

We won’t stop until Moonwater is available on every street corner on the planet.


To all of those cheering us on as we continue this incredible journey, thank you – and Drink Different!

Our Brand

Our logo and branding guidelines were created by Oscar Mariné, a Spanish designer, illustrator, typographer and artist with special expertise in communication.

Drink Different

Sometimes, you realise you want better choices.
You feel like something is changing – new possibilities are emerging. You say you’re going to start following your heart, because you know that in a very real sense, we are what we do.

One small, everyday act can set a whole new future in motion. A fleeting disloyalty can be a chance to change the way you drink, feel and live.

We are different because now is the time to show the world that small changes can grow into amazing opportunities.

Moon Lovers

Humanity has always dreamed of capturing the moon.
We’ve gazed upon it, worshipped it and even walked on its surface, but above all we marvel at its transformative power.
Putting a man on the moon was one of the most ambitious and complex
technological challenges ever attempted. This epic feat inspires us to take on one of the greatest challenges of our own times: improving quality of life on our planet. That’s why we created Moonwater.
Just as the imprints from Neil Armstrong’s boots will endure for thousands of years, preserved by the moon’s erosion-free environment, our mission is to leave a positive impact on Earth.
We want to shake up the soft-drink industry and reach for a goal as ambitious as the first moon landing was in its day. Because every great accomplishment begins with a dream.

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